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Buying the right kind of tyres is essential to enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience, irrespective of the weather and road conditions. Do you want to get a new set of car tyres Newark at competitive prices? Then turn to Imperial Car Care. Here, we stock a wide range of tyres on offer from leading premium, mid-range and budget brands.

Can’t visit us?

You can now buy these tyres online directly from our website. All you need to do is enter your vehicle’s registration number into our online tyre finder, and you will get a list of tyres you can choose from. Once you have decided which ones you would like to buy, just follow the simple instructions plus book a suitable fitting appointment. You can also opt for our mail-ordering service and get the tyres delivered to your preferred location within three days.

Alternatively, you can also buy these tyres directly at our garage at Marles Cl, Newark-on-Trent, Newark NG24 2FD. Our technicians will help you find the right tyres for your car based on your budget and driving requirements.

All our tyres come with their EU labels attached, which helps you understand their fuel economy, wet grip and external noise emission standards.

You can also visit our garage to get your new car tyres fitted professionally at reasonable rates. We run several checks, including a wheel balancing check to ensure safety before you hit the road.

Popular tyre brands available with us

Tyre categories at Imperial Car Care

To meet all sorts of tyres requirements, we stock variants, like:

Summer Tyres

This variant comes with a shallower tread compound offering optimum handling and cornering precision. These tyres also provide lower rolling resistance to improve fuel economy. A harder tread compound offers durability while reducing the chances of a possible blowout with even heat distribution.

These tyres also offer aquaplaning resistance and excellent grip on both wet and dry roads.

Winter Tyres

During the winter season, when road surfaces are icy or covered with snow, opting for a set of winter tyres Newark surely is the best option. These models come with a deeper tread groove for optimised grip, thereby improving traction and handling safety. A softer tread compound offers flexibility even at temperatures below 7-degree Celsius.

All-season Tyres

All-season variants are ideal for all-year-round usage, as long as the temperatures aren’t too extreme. With a moderate all-adaptive tread compound and intermediate tread depth, this variant provides excellent traction on both wet and dry roads in moderate weather conditions.

Performance Tyres

These tyres are ideal for sports cars and high-end premium vehicles. They offer improved handling and steering precision at high speeds. Moreover, you can count on these tyres for enhanced heat dissipation and cornering stability.

4x4 Tyres

This variant is specifically designed for SUVs and CUVs. 4x4 tyres Newark come with a reinforced tread compound and sidewalls and large shoulder blocks to help with both on- and off-roading. The unique shoulder blocks also ensure effective water and mud evacuation to maintain optimum tyre-to-road contact. We have three different variants available: Highway-terrain, All-terrain and Mudd-terrain.


We also have a variety of run-flat models available. With these, you can drive a certain distance even after a puncture, so you can reach your next tyre garage safely.

So, please put an end to your tyres near me searches with Imperial Car Care.

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