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Are you looking for Engine Remapping Newark for your vehicle?

Engine Remapping Newark

ECU remapping, also known as chipping, was initially used by the boy racer brigade and car enthusiasts. However, the practice has become quite main-stream nowadays owing to its benefits in enhancing the engine performance. ECU remapping Newark sharpens the throttle response, improves fuel economy and also ensures a powerful performance.

However, ECU remapping Newark is an extremely critical process and requires professional expertise and extensive training to derive accurate results. Therefore, it is imperative you visit only a renowned and reliable workshop to remap your vehicle’s ECU.

We, Imperial Car Care, offer you efficient engine remapping services at a very cost-effective rate. We have a team of experts who are meticulously trained in this field and can chip and tune the Engine Control Unit of any vehicle segment without much hassle. Further, we use only high-end software and technology, and therefore, ensure you the best results as per your requirements.

What is ECU remapping?

Most modern vehicles come with several inbuilt computers and sensors that track and improve several performance parameters. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a similar computer, installed with manufacturer-default software that manipulates several aspects of a vehicle's engine like the ignition system, boost pressure, air-fuel ratio, acceleration, etc.

ECU remapping Newark is primarily the process of re-setting the manufacturer default software with a third party software with customised settings to derive the maximum performance out of a vehicle's engine.

Benefits of engine remapping Newark

Better fuel economy

ECU remapping helps to improve the engine's performance, and therefore, cause it to burn less fuel while performing a task. It, thus, increases the mpg and offers an improved fuel economy.

Enhanced throttle

Chipping your ECU's software also improves the throttle response significantly. Therefore, you will enjoy a smoother driving experience.

Increase in horsepower and torque

ECU remapping Newark sets aside any limitation your manufacturer has imposed on your car's engine. It helps to improve the horsepower, accelerating properties and torque output as per your preference, altitude at which you drive, and therefore, ensure you an uncompromised and powerful driving experience.

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Having learnt about the benefits of remapping, you may now be looking for "ECU remaining near me". We recommend you visit our workshop without giving a second thought.

We are one of the most reliable workshops in and around Newark and are highly sought-after for affordable ECU remapping services. Our team of experts duly listens to your vehicle performance-related requirements and issues to identify the right customised software setting that will work best for your car engine. The experts will accordingly plug in the new version of the software in your car's OBD or On-Board Diagnostic Port to override the old software and replace it with the new one (within the legal limits).

Maximise your car engine performance with our efficient Engine Remapping Newark.

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