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Are you looking for Run flat Tyres Newark for your vehicle?


Worried about being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tyre?

With run-flat tyres Newark you can drive up to a certain distance even after a puncture. So, you should be able to reach your nearest garage safely and get your car tyre replaced.

At Imperial Car Care, we stock an exclusive collection of run-flat tyres from globally recognised brands that deliver superior performance and extended tyre service life. At our facility, you can choose from premium, mid-range and budget brands, such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Dunlop, Churchill, etc.

    Buy run flat tyres Newark online

    If you can't visit us, just place your order online. Go to our online tyre portal, enter your vehicle's registration number or tyre size details, choose from our list of car tyres Newark and simply place your order. We will get them delivered to your mentioned location within 3 days if you choose our mail-order facility.

    Else, you can also book a fitting appointment at our garage with your online order. You can certainly also come over to our garage at Marles Cl, Newark-on-Trent, Newark NG24 2FD to buy your new tyres.

    How do run-flat tyres work?

    Run-flat tyres feature reinforced sidewalls to support your vehicle's weight for a limited distance even after a blowout. Normally, after a puncture, your car tyres collapse; however, run-flat tyres are capable of holding the weight of your car temporarily after sustaining a puncture because they come with tough rubber inserts.

    Generally, run-flat tyres, after a puncture, allow you to drive at a speed of 50 mph for up to 50 miles. Hence, you get sufficient time to visit the nearest garage to get the tyres replaced. However, the exact distance depends on your vehicle's load, driving conditions, and the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Types of run-flat tyres Newark we stock in our inventory


    These RFTs come with reinforced sidewalls to support your vehicle's lateral and transverse weight even in the absence of optimum tyre pressure. Their reinforced sidewalls are stiff enough to run up to certain distance even after a puncture.


    The self-sealing run flat tyres Newark feature a layer of sealant fitted in their interiors. This sealant allows them to maintain the tyre pressure in case of a blowout. They instantly respond to impacts made by sharp objects, like screws, nails, etc. The sealant immediately plugs up the damaged area to maintain the air pressure inside the tyre. However, the puncture/damage should not be larger than 5 mm in size.

    Benefits of RFTs

  • With run-flat tyres, there is no need to carry a spare tyre and tools, thereby increasing storage space.
  • RFTs also provide stability and reliable handling performance to keep your vehicle in control in the event of a blowout.
  • RFTs will not leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. You can simply drive to the nearest garage.
  • Additionally, with RFTs, you don't need to change your punctured car tyres immediately.
  • Please note- Repairing run-flat tyres is not considered to be safe as their entire structure changes once driven with a damage. Hence, you must get them replaced in case of a puncture. Moreover, these models must only be used if your vehicle has a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

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