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The tyre size is visible as an alphanumeric code embossed on the sidewall of a tyre. Getting the accurate tyre size for your vehicle is essential if you want to enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience.

At Imperial Car Care, we do our best to make purchasing tyres extra easy by offering our tyre search section on our website. But we also try to educate and help our clients to understand topics, like on this page, how to read a tyre’s size so that they can buy car tyre Newark without any hassle.

Decoding tyre size meaning with an example

205/65 R16 95V


The first three numbers of this code, ‘205’, indicates tyre width. A tyre’s width is measured in millimetres.


The next set of numbers, ‘65’, is called a tyre’s aspect ratio. It is the profile height which is represented in percentage.


The next letter ‘R’ of this code denotes the type of construct. In this example, R implies Radial construct.


It is the rim diameter denoted in inches.


‘95’ denotes the load index of this tyre. This is the maximum weight a tyre can bear if optimally inflated.


Lastly, ‘V’ reflects the speed index. It implies the maximum speed a tyre can reach safely when fully inflated.

Now that you know how to decode a tyre size, it will be rather easy for to check whether your vehicle actually has the right tyres fitted (especially when buying a used vehicle this is not always the case).

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