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    Avon is known among consumers for manufacturing quality tyres online Newark at affordable prices. Established in 1904, Avon began its journey from manufacturing pneumatic tyres for bicycles to engineering tyres for different vehicles. The company designs tyres using the latest technology and puts every tyre through a rigorous test regime.

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    Avon tyres Newark in our inventory -

    Summer Tyres

    The hard rubber compound of summer tyres ensures durability against wear and prevents tyre blowouts. Its asymmetric tread pattern offers optimum handling and steering responsiveness. The tread bars evacuate water efficiently to minimise the risk of aquaplaning and enhance traction. Its wide tread blocks ensure a larger footprint and optimum cornering capabilities.

    Top-seller: AV11

    Winter tyres

    These tyres come with a deep tread pattern that enhances traction and handling precision. It also ensures aquaplaning resistance by dispersing water to the side quickly. The soft rubber-mixed silica compound of winter tyres provides flexibility in temperature below 7-degree Celsius. Also, the unique compound enhances traction on snow, slush, and ice. Its thousands of sipes deliver a gripping effect, providing mobility.

    Top-seller: WV7

    All-season tyres

    Their uniquely customised tread depth ensures optimum traction and handling efficiency. It also enhances steering responsiveness and cornering precision. It features a marginally thicker tread, which reduces wear and ensures durability. It easily adapts to hot tarmacs, courtesy of its unique rubber compound. At the same time, it remains flexible during the winter season.

    Top-seller: AS7

    Other top-selling Avon tyres Newark in our inventory –

  • ZX7 (UHP tyre)
  • ZZ3 (RFT)
  • AX7 (4X4 tyre)
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