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The Japan-based multinational auto and truck part manufacturer Bridgestone is a name associated with several motorsport events. It includes the Le Mans Series, Formula One, Formula 2, Formula Opel Lotus, Formula Ford, and more.

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Top-selling Bridgestone tyres Newark at Imperial Car Care

Summer Tyres

Potenza S001

It is a high-performance tyres featuring an asymmetric tread pattern for optimum stability on wet and dry roads. Potenza S001’s stiff shoulder blocks ensure premium grip when cornering. It also provides superior braking efficiency, and its innovative construction ensures reliability. The off-centre straight ribs of this model guarantee handling precision and responsiveness. They also offer stability at high speed. Fitting your car with the Potenza S001 reduces the risk of hydroplaning, as its wide groove pattern disperses water to the side efficiently.

Winter Tyres

Blizzak LM005

These Bridgestone car tyres Newark come with the latest compound that remains supple in the colder months. Also, its pattern technology delivers reliability on snow, slush, and ice. The directional tread paired with zigzag grooves ensure traction on winter roads. Even in freezing conditions, its 2D and 3D sipes on the centre and shoulder region reduces braking distance. Therefore, if you plan to buy a new set of Bridgestone winter tyres, Blizzak LM005 might be a perfect choice.

All-season tyres

Weather Control A005

This high-performance all-season Bridgestone tyres Newark offers supreme reliability almost all year round. It comprises high volumes of slots on its shoulder, ensuring a wet grip. Also, its silica-infused rubber compound delivers responsiveness and remains supple through various seasons for maximum grip. Weather Control A005 features an optimised carcass compound that minimises uneven tyre wear. It also ensures proper tyre-to-road contact, providing a smooth driving experience.

Other top-selling Bridgestone car tyres Newark in our inventory –

  • Turanza T005 (Performance)
  • Dueler H/P Sport (4X4)
  • DriveGuard (Run-flat)
  • These are only a few models we retail from this brand. Our stock comprises various other Bridgestone tyre models so that we can cater to customers with varied budgetary constraints.

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