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    Want to fit your car with a new set of Dunlop tyres Newark?

    Drop in at Imperial Car Care, as we house different types of Dunlop tyres across varied sizes in our garage. These tyres pass through strict quality checks before we stock them to ensure their durability and driving comfort.

    Although that’s an added step we take, Dunlop tyres are always of the highest quality. The tyre manufacturing company Dunlop holds a 100-year history in the automotive industry. They are known to design tyres using the latest technology.

    You can drop by at our garage to purchase these tyres, or you can buy car tyres Newark online from us.

    Provide your car’s registration number or tyre index information, select tyres from the array of options shown based on your inputs. Conclude the purchase by either booking a fitting appointment that suits you, or opting for home delivery (within three working days).

    Top Dunlop tyres Newark

    Grandtrek ST30 (All-season)

    This Dunlop tyres Newark, an OE for 2007 Honda CR-V, features an asymmetric tread pattern that offers an optimally balanced performance on wet and dry roads. The jointless band technology ensures handling precision and durability. Its spiral wound nylon helps maintain tyre shape. It also enhances stability and provides minimal disruption. Also, its pitch tread design technology delivers optimum frequency and reduces noise generation.

    Sport BluResponse (Summer)

    Its simple block pattern reduces braking distance and improves handling precision. The hard rubber compound ensures adaptability on hot tarmacs. Also, its fuel efficiency reduces the risk of wear. The grooves disperse water quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

    SP Winter Response 2 (Winter)

    This Dunlop car tyre Newark interlocks with the surface, providing optimum steering responsiveness and handling performance. The 45-degree shoulder sipes ensure superior traction and hydroplaning resistance. Also, the unique tread design packs in the snow to achieve maximum grip.

    We store various other Dunlop tyres in our inventory across summer, winter, all-season, 4x4, run-flat, and UHP.

    Thus, you can now conclude your search for tyres near me with us.

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