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    Yokohama is a Japanese multinational tyre manufacturing company that has earned recognition for manufacturing a diverse range of mid-range and affordable cheap tyres Newark for all vehicles. They foster a customer-centric culture by focusing on top-class tyres at the most affordable rates.

    If you wish to buy Yokohama tyres Newark for your car, Imperial Car Care is where your search ends! We stock Yokohama tyres of different types and sizes in our inventory. You can purchase these tyres directly from our garage or online via our website. Browse our selection of Yokohama tyres Newark after providing your car registration number or tyre index details, choose a suitable model from our varied list matching your description. You can then also choose whether you would like us to fit the tyres for you at our garage, or rather opt for home delivery (within 3 working days).

    Types of Yokohama car tyres Newark

    All-season tyres

    The solid tread blocks and chevron-like tread pattern on these tyres ensure steering responsiveness and handling precision, no matter the season. Personalised tread depths ensure traction on wet and dry road conditions. This feature also ensures water dispersion, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

    Example: BluEarth-4S AW21

    Summer Tyres

    The unique tread pattern ensures superior steering responsiveness and handling. Also, hard rubber compounds allow Yokohama summer tyres to easily adapt to hot tarmacs. The tread bars on these provide traction on wet and dry surfaces. Also, they quickly evacuate water to prevent aquaplaning efficiently. Also, they feature wide tread blocks for more surface-to-tyre contact, providing optimum cornering efficiency.

    Example: Advan Sport V105 S

    Winter Tyres

    The natural rubber-rich composition of these Yokohama tyres Newark helps them remain supple during the colder months. It interlocks with the road to ensure optimal handling efficiency. Tiny grooves on these tyres enhance traction on snow and black ice. They also ensure water dispersion to the side and reduce the chances of hydroplaning. The deep tread pattern creates a gripping effect to deliver optimum manoeuvrability.

    Example: W.Drive V903

    You can also find the following types of Yokohama tyres Newark with us –

  • Run-flat Tyres
  • 4X4 Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • Thus, end your search for tyres near me today and drop by at our garage! Alternatively, order tyres online via our website.

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