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Are you looking for Wheel Refurbishment Newark for your vehicle?


Alloy wheels are extremely popular in the UK, primarily due to their outstanding aesthetics and lightweight construction that optimises fuel economy. However, on the downside, these wheels are also prone to damages even on light impacts. Under such circumstances, opting for wheel refurbishment Newark will be a much more cost-effective alternative than buying new alloys altogether.

Now, if you are wondering where you'll find a facility that offers professional alloy wheel refurbs at affordable rates, you needn’t look any further than Imperial Car Care. Our experts are trained in using the latest technologies and equipment to offer high-quality refurbs in the least TAT. So, feel free to call us for an appointment and to get a quote.

When should you opt for an alloy wheel refurbishment Newark?

Make sure you book a slot with our wheel refurbishment garage Newark if you detect the following damages on your car wheels:

  • Curb damage
  • Backside bends
  • Gouges
  • Cracks
  • Corrosion, etc.

Please note that repairing these damages requires expertise, and you shouldn’t follow any DIY guides. Else, you might just end up inflicting further damage, possibly beyond repairs. So, leave the task to our expert hands.

How can our wheel refurb experts help?

Professionals at Imperial Car Care will first analyse the extent of damage to your car wheels and then conduct one of the following refurbishing processes for the best results:

Powder coating

This technique guarantees a more durable finish. The powder coating is usually applied as a dry coat. Its main difference from conventional liquid paint is that it does not require a solvent. Typically, the coating is applied electrostatically and then cured with heat to provide a durable finish.

Cosmetic/SMART repairs

This technique of wheel refurbishment Newark is ideal when the damage is limited to a small to medium section of the wheel. The repair is tactfully blended into the undamaged section, thereby leaving the wheel with a factory finish look.

Diamond cutting

For this process, the wheel is first painted in a particular colour and then dried in our specialist oven. Once the paint dries up, our experts will carefully mount the wheel on a CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) lathe to achieve a metallic diamond-cut pattern. Finally, we spray the wheel with an acrylic lacquer to get that factory finish.

Why should you opt for wheel refurbishment Newark?

Listed below are two key benefits of alloy wheel refurbs.

It’s a much more affordable alternative to buying new wheels altogether.

Refurbished wheels will continue to perform as good as new, and thereby, enhance your overall driving safety.

Looking for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment near me?

Look no further than us. Call us to book a slot.

You’ll find us at Marles Cl, Newark-on-Trent, Newark NG24 2FD.

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